iSpent, You Spent, We Share

A new and unique way to manage money and track shared spending in a safe and secure app.

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iSpent… Convenience and Calm

Securely consolidate all personal finance, current accounts and credit cards, in one app so you can track your spend all in one place.

iSpent…more control with personalisation

Tag, track, attach, annotate and link transactions to create a money tracking app that is meaningful to you.

shared spending tracker app

iSpent, you spent…Take the hassle out of managing shared spend

For all expenses shared with others on any occasion, iSpend19 offers a new & transparent way of tracking shared spend and transactions in a secure way.

We Share…Total visibility on group spending

Whether it’s a group holiday, household bills for a house share, or managing finances within a couple, iSpend19’s My Lounge lets you share what you’ve spent with others in virtual Private Rooms so everyone knows who’s spent what, on what!

Students, couples and landlords, check out how My Lounge works for you.

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iSpent, personalise and share everything Safely

For peace of mind, the iSpent19 money tracking app offers bank-level security and is registered with the FCA for Open Banking.

iSpent, You Spent, We Share

With the iSpent19 money tracker app you can achieve the perfect balance between being yourself and being social, when it comes to managing your money securely.

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