Versatile money management,
More mental freedom!

Personalise your bank transactions with earmarking tools and Share them in private rooms to experience joint money management

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See all your transactions

in one place

Tag or annotate any transaction from your current accounts or credit cards, so you’ll never say “what was that again?”

Find any transaction
in a breeze

Search or filter anything that may help jog your memory.

Follow upon refunds

More shopping online during COVID? Check out our dedicated space to help you stay on top of deliveries, exchanges or returns.

Get remindedbefore your insurance is up

Set a reminder right next to your policy transaction, with all the details ready to compare the market before its renewal.


Peace of mind in account protection

Use an app that offers bank-level security and is registered with the FCA. Besides, we don’t do payments.

We’ve made it simple to get started

Sign up

Download the iSpent19 app and create your free account.


Add your accounts

Add your credit cards, current accounts and any other supported accounts you want to monitor


Start personalising

Get personal by adding earmarks to transactions your way


How would you like to manage your bank transactions?

Tell us your wish, via, and we may add it into the app as a feature!

Our Values

All your usual transactions in one place. Seeing is believing!
Staying on top of your bank transactions means one less concern!
Managing your transactions hassle free, with an App as flexible as your imagination!

Why did we create iSpent19?

Being in control of your money means that you have more mental space to focus on what’s truly important: your life.

Our founder, Guang, experienced financial fraud not once, but twice. All the stress and uncertainty took up a lot of mental space in his life. He wanted to take more control over his finances, but his banks wouldn’t offer the features he needed for a better transaction management experience.

Thanks to his decades of experience in the financial sector, Guang knew that he could build, with the right help, something that would make financial management much easier.

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