iSpent19 – How the Journey to Better Money Management for You and Your Friends Begun

iSpent19 was created out of the need to offer greater control over your money and take the hassle out of managing your money when others are involved.

Our founder, Guang, first identified the need for a better, more transparent way of managing money having experienced financial fraud. Guang wanted to take more control over his finances, but banks and other spend tracker apps didn’t offer the detailed features needed for a more in depth level of money management and an easier way of managing joint spending with this wife or others.

Thanks to his decades of experience in the financial sector, Guang knew that, using tech he could build a easy to use solution that would make more detailed personal financial management stress-free. Guang realised that there was a need to address some practical challenges that we all face keeping track of our money:

  • A more detailed spending tracker app that does more than just list transactions. Tasks such as sorting receipts to the relevant bank cards is a thing of the past. With all payment methods merged in one place and all transactions listed chronologically, you can easily find the relevant transaction for any receipt by transaction date.
  • An app that creates headspace as your money diary, doing the hard work for you by tracking what has been purchased from where and for what.
  • A spend tracker app that suits a paper-free lifestyle by eliminating your need to keep physical receipts as they can be electronically added to transactions as attachments at the tap of a button.
  • An app that reminds you to follow up on any spending or compare the market before the next renewal whether it is for yourself or for a shared expense.
spending tracker app
  • A money management app designed to help you maintain the boundary between personal and business spending using clever features to annotate your spending and keeping a close eye on all your key money matters through a personalised Monitored Space.
  • A money app that as social as you are and helps manage shared spend for all social occasions that involve joint money management. It even saves you from switching between social apps when you need to communicate with others about shared spending. Just chat inside a secure Private Room itself!

…And iSpent19 – was born

iSpent, You Spent, We Share

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Easy to Use…

  • Simply set up and everything you need to manage your money is presented in a clear and user friendly way


  • A time saver designed to make manging your money a breeze

Personal to You…

  • Loads of clever features which mean you can manage and track your spend your way

Stay Connected…

  • Takes the hassle away from managing shared spending and helps you stay social (and friends!)

Safe & Secure…

  • Everything is secure so you can rest assured that your money matters stay yours alone

Peace of Mind…

  • All in all a worry and stress free way of managing your money, your way, all in the palm of your hand

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