Episode 1: ‘Money Talks 19’ with Scott Nelson from Money Nerd

Money Talks 19 is a series of Instagram Live Sessions focused on open banking powered personal financial management. Guang Deng, Founder & CEO of iSpent19, chats to professionals and authorities in the field of personal finance on various topics all with a single mission: to help people stay on top of their money.

In the 1st  episode of Money Talks 19 iSpent19’s founder, Guang Deng is joined by Scott Nelson from MoneyNerd to discuss how to turn the hassle of managing multiple bank accounts and credit cards into an efficient management process. 

Who is Guang Deng?

Guang is Founder and CEO of iSpent19. 

Prior to identifying the need for building an app that will help people stay on top of their personal finances and have the mental freedom to focus on their life, Guang had been working in the financial industry for over 2 decades. As a Chartered Accountant, his career highlights include building one of the UK’s most successful R&D tax consultancies from the ground up.

Who is Scott Nelson?

Scott is a financial services expert and the owner of MoneyNerd.co.uk.

Scott is passionate about using his insider knowledge of the financial services industry to help people regain control of their money. With his blog, he teaches people how to manage their finances and tackle debt. 

Money Talks 19, Episode 1: How to efficiently manage multiple bank accounts & cards?

In the first episode of ‘Money Talks 19, Guang and Scott discuss various aspects involved in efficient management of multiple bank accounts and credit cards including the role that open banking plays in simplifying the entire process.

What are the most common challenges? What best practices Scott and Guang suggest? How is open banking changing the entire process and what does the future hold?

Listen to the Instagram Live recording below to find out more!

Stay tuned to talk money together!

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