How the iSpent19 Money Management App Works

The iSpent19 app is super easy to use. With a secure & direct bank feed authorised by you, there is no need to manually track expenses and transactions. Just personalise how your track your spend and share expenses as you need to with who you need to.

Here is your guide…

1) Download the iSpent19 Money Management App and register

2) Connect my bank accounts & cards

iSpend19 securely connects to nearly 40 UK banks who provide current accounts & credit cards and we continue to add more banks.

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3) See all your personal finances in one place and easy to find

View all your transactions in chronological order and find anything you need with powerful search and filter features.

You can even set up to receive your daily spending report, at a time convenient to you!

4) Tag, annotate or link any transactions, your way

With so many ways to personalise transactions, keeping tabs on spending for future reference is a breeze.

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5) Use the unique My Lounge feature to manage your communal spending and shared expenses

Group spending can be shared in Private Rooms with My Lounge, so that house-share or holiday expenses can be tracked by the group to evenly split or just for visibility of the family budget.

6) Get notified instantly when someone adds a transaction & when new member joins a room

Invite house mates, your partner or colleagues to a Private Room. Easily manage and track shared bills, joint accounts, a property portfolio or even the office lottery syndicate!

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7)  Others in you Private Rooms share their related spend

Within each Private Room in My Lounge, members can see exactly what everyone has spent and on what. Making tracking shared expenses a breeze to manage, in a clear and transparent money management app.

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