open banking app for UK users for personalised money management experience

We are in BETA & Need Your Help to Build the UK’s Open Banking App of the Post-COVID World

Double. That’s the scale of increased UK customers using Open Banking-enabled products compared to over just six months ago, according to the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) latest announcement in September.

And, this is just the beginning of the revolution.

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of Open-Banking and what was once seen as an alien concept by many people is now viewed as a secure way to better understand personal spending, how to save or more efficiently manage personal finances.

Moving to the more exciting part of this reading, while Open Banking has been soaring in the UK, a small team of big dreamers has been passionately working on building something of great value for every bank user in the country. And that’s not all. In times of crisis (and, in all times), what’s more important than hearing from you, the user, on how your ongoing or ever evolving banking needs may be better catered for? The customer-centric ethos is at the centre of our team’s universe. Hence, your involvement in building the perfect product – a spending tracking app which will provide you with ultimate interactivity, flexibility, and personalisation – is very much needed.

If you are already wondering how you can be a part of a journey building your favourite money app of the post-COVID world, keep on reading.  

an open banking app for UK for tracking bank transactions

iSpent19 Story: From being frauded to helping reshape the future of money

Guang, our CEO, has been a victim of financial fraud, not once, but twice. If this happened to a person with 2 decades of experience in the financial sector, what about the rest (I have asked this question myself many times)? 

But, as people say, everything happens for a reason. Those perturbing events inspired Guang to embark on a journey he has been yearning for a long time – using his knowledge and experience to build something of great value that will make positive changes in his own and in other people’s lives.

Then came COVID and a period of long sleepless nights where we, the currently small team, were rethinking the future of money tracking. What is it that will help people stay on top of their money and give them the peace of mind they need?. 

iSpent19 Brand Philosophy: Driven by our Values and Code of Ethics

We strive to provide Values of Visibility, Convenience and Control in our users’ money management experience. 

We follow our principles of caring about the society and are here to share some love with our UK users, our UK users, who may find our App helpful in managing bank transactions with less of a fuss. 

iSpent19 Mission: Responding to newly-created habits

We aim to build the most practical Open Banking app in the UK for users who are looking for the ultimate interactivity, flexibility and personalization in managing their bank transactions.

Why is iSpent19 in BETA and what does that mean?

Good things take time. That is why we have initially focused our efforts on some of the core functionalities and plan to proceed building the app forward with your feedback and involvement as part of the entire process. Furthermore, before we officially launch, we need help with testing to make sure all the bugs are fixed and the app is good to go public.

To kickstart, we are running a private beta with a limited number of users who will be given the chance to preview our app before we launch it for open beta.

How to get an exclusive BETA invitation?

To get an exclusive invitation to test iSpent19 in the open beta phase, all you need to do is sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

The first 50 beta testers will get forever free access to all premium features that we will be building at later stages.

Let us play a part in helping you build your financial future!

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