My Lounge, Made for Sharing

The iSpent19 app makes tech work for you, as life’s too short we’ve developed a social shared spend tracking tool to simply help make life a little more hassle free. Here is how iSpent19 improves your banking experience by making it catch up with your social life.

Take the hassle out of sharing spend with iSpent19’s My Lounge

Today more than ever we share expenses and costs with an ever expanding and varied group of people across a wider range of goods and services. At iSpent19, we know this can be time consuming, tricky to organise and even awkward at times;

Who has spent what on what? how much do people owe each other? did they actually spend what they say they did? Worry no longer…the iSpent19 My Lounge shared spend tracker takes all the hassle out of communal spend in a simple to use unique app feature.

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With My Lounge simply set up a Private Room to securely share communal spend

Within the My Lounge feature it takes only a few seconds to set up a Private Room. Create up to 3 rooms for free and a limitless number with the Premium plan.  Each Private room is totally secure and you control who is invited.

Invite others to join a Private Room

Going on holiday with friends? You are part of a house share where everyone contributes to the household bills? Or simply you want to budget better as part of a couple or family by being financially transparent with each other.

Once you have set up a Private Room in My Lounge just invite those you want to share spending information with a single tap of a button. They can download the App for free and can access the Private Room anytime at no cost to track the shared spending within the group.

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Simply share transactions with the touch of a button

Whether you have invited others or not, start sharing your expenses as soon as you have created a room.

It’s easy to select the transactions you want to share.  The rest of the group in the room can then see those specific expenses only, and therefore see exactly what’s been spent, how much and when.

Chat within the group about spend shared

Within each Private Room, conversations can take place about any transaction.

So if you have a question about one of the group’s expenses, have a request or just want to say thanks, you can send a message that is instantly visible to everyone in the room. So is their response to you!

This in-built messenger keeps your money conversation flowing within your groups so everyone is in the know!

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Others share their related transactions so its totally transparent for everyone to track shared spending without the awkward conversations

Others in a room can do exactly the same and share their related transactions. Equally, they get to add up to 2 attachments to each transaction such as expense receipts.

Become a Premium plan user, you will have a larger attachment allowance as well as an ability to carry your personal contents e.g. notes and attachments into a room, saving more time from doing things twice!

The Private Room’s total spend is made up of all shared spending and can be filtered by date. This gives members more control to split expenses whilst keeping an eye on the total costs of the group.

Managing your costs across your next group event will be so much easier when it’s tracked and shared!

Knowing me, knowing you. Transparency on group spending

Transparency helps build trust. This certainly applies to joint money matters large or small.

Within each private room, members have clarity on each other’s personal financial contribution to the group project, through:

  • A dashboard that provides a nice little summary of individual totals in a chart and a table.
  • Transaction lists showing exactly who has spent what, on what!

Make cash payment contributions visible to any group project

There’s always one person who likes to do things the old fashion way or part of the communal spend had to be a cash payment.

Either way the iSpent19 My Lounge has you covered.  With the Premium plan, you can simply share a cash transaction to the Private Room.

Accounting for cash payments ensures that no member is unwittingly short-changed.

Set Up limitless number of Private Rooms for every social occasion*

Create up to 3 Private Rooms for free with up to 6 people in each room.  *With the premium plan there’s no limit to the number of rooms you can create in My Lounge, with an unlimited number of people in each room!

No matter how colourful and diverse your social life is, tracking and splitting group spending is easily done with Private Rooms e.g. be it a student, a partner, a joint landlord, a friend, a wedding guest, a colleague who runs the office lottery or a contractor serving many clients.

iSpent19 makes money management social!

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Never forget an expense again with a group reminder

If there’s a reoccurring or an upcoming expense for the group the My Lounge features lets you set a reminder to the group so no one will forget.  Perhaps its the final instalment on the friends weekend away or the regular renewals of household bills with your house mates.

Better still with the premium plan you can even exclude a group member from a room calculation if there’s a particular cost they don’t need to bear, for example if they’ve made their own travel arrangements on a group holiday, or a new house mate didn’t need to contribute to a broadband bill.

The iSpent19’s My Lounge feature takes the fuss out of communal spend

iSpent19’s unique My Lounge feature takes the stress away from managing shared spending, keeps everyone in the picture and let’s everyone communicate in one simple yet secure way.

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