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The iSpent19 money tracker app has been designed to let you better manage your own personal finances whilst taking the hassle out of sharing communal spending. Here’s just a few examples how it can help…

Know about your money anywhere, any time by tagging transactions

Going on a family holiday or doing DIY around your house?  If you want to keep tabs on tracking all the costs related to a single project, event or even the Christmas shopping list then simply tag all related transactions and the iSpent19 app will group them together in a single list.

Create as many lists as you need and get up-to-date totals from the Monitored Space any time with a click of a button.

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Share expenses and transactions securely with your partner in My Lounge and get answers to any queries on joint accounts with the app’s chat feature

The iSpent19 app offers a transparent yet secure way of sharing transactions with a partner (or anyone else you want) in a secure Private Room.

Use as a money management app for couples to help keep relationships healthy with total clarity on joint money matters. With push notifications everyone can remain in the loop even when you are apart.

Take the money hassles out of a house share

Managing shared costs when house sharing can be a real pain.  Set up a Private room in iSpent19’s My Lounge feature, and house mates can share all communal expenses in one place so everyone has visibility of who’s paid what and knows who owes what to whom.

No fuss and helps to keep house mates as mates! 

Landlords can track spending and expenses by property and by ownership ratio with ease

Landlords can tag transactions by property so you know what you are spending on each property. Make sure you take advantage of the Monitored Space so you can keep a close eye on call your property budgets!

Owning portfolios with others? No problem, you can group transactions for all properties that share the same ownership ratio into a single private room. Not only will this help you visualise your portfolio’s bottom line in real time, but makes it a lot easier for your landlord tax return!

Get organised and create limitless* Private rooms to mange and track shared spending amongst friends or colleagues

Whether you plan to spend a weekend or summer holiday away with friends or run an office lottery syndicate with colleagues, the iSpent19 spending tracker app is a perfect way to help you focus on the fun part without worrying about how to share expenses.

Just simply set up a Private Room in My Lounge and invite friends or colleagues to join. Everyone gets to share their contribution in one place. All spending is visible in the app for everyone to track, and get spending updates through instant push notifications.

* limitless rooms only available in Premium plan.

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Swapping bank statements for a Money Diary

How you spend your money is unique to you, so how you manage you money should be too.

With the iSpent19 money tracker app, turn your transactions into your personal “money diary”,  set reminders for renewals,  earmark a purchase to ensure it gets delivered or simply make a note against a transaction so you don’t forget what it was for!

Say goodbye to those bland bank statements!

How to avoid the chore of claiming company expenses

If you use personal credit cards for company expenses. With the iSpent19 app, you‘ll never miss a making a claim again. Simply tag transactions as company expenses, attach a receipt, you can even add a note to help remember what it is for and set a reminder for when you need to claim them back.

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Chart and track your spending patterns over time

iSpent19 will help you keep on top of your spending by tracking your money and showing you your monthly spend using easy to read charts & tables, helping you to better plan your personal budgets and manage your money.

Find any transaction at a snap of the fingers

You’ll never have to search through reams of bank statements to find a transaction again. iSpent19 app has advanced search and filter functions which make finding that lost transaction as easy and quick as a snap of the fingers.

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