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Whatever your money management needs are, the chances are you deal with bank transactions. The more transactions you have, your needs to management them well are likely to be more sophisticated.

Below are some of the examples where our users have benefited from using the iSpent19 App to meet their needs. And it’s all about the freedom to be able to Personalise and Share your transactions!

We initially came up with “19” ways to unleash the App’s power, try for yourself and let us know how the iSpent19 App benefits you.

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Chris regularly claims back company expenses

Whenever he travels or takes a client out to lunch, he pays it out of his own credit card and then claims it back from his employer. It used to be a pain to do, but now with iSpent19 he can easily tag transactions as company expenses, attach receipts and set reminders for when to claim them back.

Francesca wants to be able to
quickly recognise fraudulent

Having been a victim of fraud, she now checks her bank account regularly to make sure all her transactions are hers. With iSpent19, she can easily tag every transaction. At the end of each month, she no longer looks at bland bank statements, rather the same list of transactions but already earmarked along the way.

Ahmed wants an alarm to remind him for renewals

Ahmed pays for car, house and health insurance every year. He usually compares quotes before renewing so he gets the best deal, but when life gets busy he occasionally gets stuck with an automatic renewal and has to pay a “loyalty penalty”. With iSpent19, he can now set a reminder well in advance before his renewals are due along with details on who his current providers are and how much he’s paying so he can see how much he could save by switching. Switching insurance is no longer stressful.

Alex wants to split monthly bills
with housemates

Alex recently moved into a house with 4 other students from university. They need to split electricity, gas and broadband bills.

Instead of going through the hassle with cash, all housemates use iSpent19 and share their respective communal spending from whichever bank into their own private virtual room.

Each person can attach receipts to their respective communcal spending and easily see their own or others’ contributions in real time. They can also chat among themselves about any purchase with our in-built messenger! Speaking about group tickets for that weekend cricket match…

Whatever you share, have total transparency! 

William needs a clear view of the financial position of his rented flats

William has a portfolio of 3 flats rented out. He receives monthly rental and pays contractors for maintenance jobs from his current account but pays with his credit card for stuff that he buys for the flats occasionally. Not only was it challenging for him to remember which spending for which flat, it was difficult to have a simple view of each property’s profitability.

With iSpent19, he can view these two accounts together and earmark with personal tags all transactions associated with each flat. This effectively creates a bespoke profit & loss account for each flat in real time.

At the end of each tax year, he can easily filter for transactions per flat and knows instantly how much profit he has earned and roughly how much tax could be due. (Extremely convenient but no replacement for suitable tax advice he may need!)

Sylvester does a lot of shopping
for photoshoots

Sylvester is a freelance photographer who buys a lot of props for his shoots. Although he had adjusted to buying items online due to the Coronavirus pandemic, things got chaotic very quickly. Sometimes he needed to send items back, to exchange for replacement or to ask for a refund. With iSpent19, he can tag and track every transaction pending resolution and easily follow up if required.
We’d love to hear from you how you may wish our features evolve, so they can be more beneficial to you. Whilst we are building our forum for community discussions, please feel free to message us with your thoughts either from within the App’s Setting page, our online feedback form (Contact page) or email us directly at


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